Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vitamin D and Your Health

As fall approaches, many people are noting the shorter days. With less light comes more need for the crucial vitamin D (technically not a vitamin at all but a hormone.) Frequently referred to as the "sunshine vitamin", it's name comes from the fact that the body synthesizes vitamin D through sunlight exposure. Due to modern day demands on time that disallows being outdoors, overuse of sunscreen, and heavier clothing, a noted increase in vitamin D deficiency has been acknowledged by the medical profession. Those who live in northern climates may be at higher risk.

Deficiency in vitamin D contributes not only to health issues of the bones and teeth, but statistics show that it may also be a factor in HBP, heart disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. Intervention with D therapy has been shown to improve many health conditions dramatically.

Sun exposure of 10-20 minutes per day on approximately 40% of the skin, fat soluble foods such as cod liver, egg yolk, some types of fish and dairy products and supplemental D3 can bring levels back into the healthy range. Have D levels checked by a doctor before adding a supplemental regimen and have them monitored periodically.


  1. Thanks Shirley! Nice blog and love your signature! :)

  2. I wish I could bottle up some of this sunshine (and heat) and send it your way, Shirley! I practically run to the car on these 100+ days. Ugh. I'll keep the 10-20 minutes of exposure per day in mind and walk slower.