Unwinding Through Relaxation

Shirley's Massage and Bodywork Space

My massage studio is perhaps my favorite spot to be....other than outdoors on a sunny summer day! Profoundly soothing, it is a warm and welcoming place that has the look, and feel, of deep relaxation. Come... let go in the space I have created.

The Massage Table
And here is the space I have designed especially for you. Created for comfort, privacy, safety and as a "getaway" from daily activity - this is a place of respite and deep relaxation. Kick off your shoes, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to just be for a little while.

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You'll note the curves to the massage table. These are specifically designed to provide "zero gravity" positioning to assist every body into a perfect position that allows circulation to flow freely, joints to be un-constricted and breathing easy and natural.


Here's What 'Unwinding Through Relaxation' Sessions Are About:

Many of my clients have asked what type of massage these "relaxation" sessions are. It's not always easy to explain verbally if the person isn't familiar with other types of bodywork beyond what would be considered standard massage therapy.

I believe what they want to know, first and foremost, is how can it help them. This is what I will say:

"Regular deep relaxation is fundamental to your body and mind being able to sustain high levels of daily activity which most people engage in. It is what allows you to be productive at work, to think clearly and make good decisions, to tackle the to-do list, and to have the energy to enjoy life."

The program I currently offer is designed to be performed with loose fitting clothing on. Short sleeve shirts and shorts are ideal so I can access the feet/legs to the knee - hands/arms to above the elbow and the head/neck areas. My techniques include several types of massage and bodywork. These include:

 -Pranic Clearing

Ok, so what is all this?

Reflexology is a hands-on type of "massage" that is generally performed on the feet, hands and ears. It is based on a science that shows a direct connection from points on the feet, hands and ears to other points on the body. By accessing these points, a reflexology practitioner can assist in re-balancing other bodily organs and systems. An example is the sinus points on the tips of the toes and fingers -these have direct impact on the sinus' and massage of these points can have major benefit to those experiencing issues with allergies. The reflexology portion of the session is generally deeply relaxing and you will find your body/mind beginning to "shut down". This relaxation is further enhanced without talk.....by simply listening to the soothing sounds of music that have been specially selected for the benefit of slowing brain wave activity. As a long-time aromatherapy practitioner, I often incorporate specific scents in my sessions through creams, lotions and oils.

Reflexology and massage make up approximately 40 minutes of a 60-75 minute relaxation session. I incorporate standard "flowing" massage strokes within the reflexology session as well as stimulating tension-relieving acupressure points as determined by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most people will simply recognize Reflexology as a soothing type of massage, which in fact, it is.

With some clients, I "feel" or "sense" a heaviness which means they have something - body issues or something weighing on their mind - that needs to be cleared. Using a technique called Pranic clearing, I use specialty breathing techniques and hand movements to clear that energy from a client to allow new energy to emerge. Think of it as having a rain barrel that is full to overflowing. Once emptied of stagnant water, the barrel is prepared to accept fresh, new rain. Once this clearing takes place, I am free to use Reiki to "re-energize" the client if I feel it useful. Reiki is frequently initiated with the first contact at the beginning of the session, but is more direct when I focus on using it from the next room as you're listening to the guided meditation audio towards the end of the session.

BodyTalk tapping is another type of bodywork that is useful in balancing the mind/body and deepening the relaxation effect. Though BodyTalk is a vast network and more complex, the portion I use is called "tapping the cortices". Using specific hand placements on the head, I simply tap gently on the head and sternum. Suffice it to say, I've put people who need profound rest to sleep doing this one simple technique. Interestingly, BodyTalk, and this technique in particular - has been taught in underdeveloped countries to be used in areas with little medical care as a first aid treatment.  The BodyTalk tapping is the final hands-on technique I use in the session.

At this point in the session, I will provide a set of comfortable over the ear headphones for you to listen to a guided meditation. I hand selected all the guided audio CDs for their ability to incorporate deep breathing and to slow brain wave activity of the listener. Only by combining these two can we truly find DEEP relaxation. Deep breathing and lessened brainwave activity allows all parts of the body to release tension and find harmony....to REST.

With each individual, some alterations to the basic session are made. Just like standard massage, no two people are alike and have the same needs. I also individualize sessions and techniques based on my professional experience in detecting imbalances in a client.

I have seen profound results in highly stressed individuals using this relaxation session. This is why I call it "Unwinding Through Relaxation." I hope you'll come visit me soon and allow yourself to let go....

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