Deep Relaxation Results

Many people ask what they can expect with my newest deep relaxation program.  I noted on the Unwinding Through Relaxation page more in depth information on exactly what types of bodywork that I use in the session. I have photos of how the room and table are set up and the basic protocol of the session.

But what I think people really want to know is what can they expect for results. So here is the feedback I'm getting so far:

  • Deep levels of rest (achieved in shorter periods of time than naps or night time sleep)
  • Mid day rejuvenation for clients who have to return to work
  • Bodily tension and pain relief
  • More awareness of breathing patterns (the good and the not so much)
  • Elimination or diminishing of annoying habits
  • Ability to focus better and think more clearly
  • Relief from stressful or ruminating thoughts

Not a bad list, wouldn't you say?